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DNF On The Cache But We Saw Some Pretty Spring Flowers

Today was a nice day and the girlfriend got home from work early enough that we were able to get out for a walk and a cache. We headed over to the day use area of Chickies Rock County Park today. It’s usually pretty quiet, and we know it’s a short work for days like today when we don’t have a tone of daylight.

It was a great walk, and we got to see lots of pretty spring flowers blooming. I always say if you don’t stop and enjoy the flowers and all the other great things that nature offers to us for free, then you’re missing the point of life. There were plenty of the early spring ones in bloom today.

Some Blue, Purple And White Flowers

This is a picture of some spring flowers. There are white ones, blue ones and purple ones.

White And Pink Flowers

This is a picture of some flower blooming outside in the spring. There are white flowers and also some pink ones.

We didn’t find the cache, so we will get a big fat DNF on that, but it happens sometimes. Some days you can’t even spot the obvious. Other days, you walk directly to the ones that give everyone fits. OT was a great reason to get us outside in the park, even if we didn’t find it. Hell, the DNF only gives us another reason to return later to try again.

It was of course nice to relax a bit and listen to the water running past in Chickies creek, too. Something about hearing water running is always just so relaxing.