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Remembering Thousand Steps Trail Hike

I’ve come across some old pictures while cleaning up old stuff on my hard drive preparing for a hard drive upgrade, so I thought I’d share some pictures and what I remember about the hike. Of course, a geocache originally brought us here, but it’s definitely well worth a visit for just the hike. We say we’re going to go back and hike it again every fall, but it just never happens for various reasons.

One of the first things we saw when we got to the trail itself was this small spring.

The spring is very near the beginning of the thousand steps trail

This is a picture of small spring trickling by at the edge of a trail.

The hike up wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it would be and as you can see, the stars had aligned right for us to have the perfect day for the hike. Coming back down the steps was the challenge for me with one good eye which really isn’t good, causing shitastic depth perception.

The other tricky part was the sun and shadows playing tricks with my vision. I’d much rather full up than down! The day was a bit breezy, but mild for a late October day.

These steps aren't so bad

A photo showing rocks laid along a trail up to the mountain to form makeshift stairs.

The trail was originally built in the 1930s with over 1000 steps made of stone. Miners used them to go up the mountain to work in the quarry up there.

At one of the overlooks on the upper trail, we timed it just right to see and get a picture of a train on the railroad tracks along the river and 22. I love how it showed up in the picture along with the changing autumn foliage in the valley.

A Train Was Passing By In The Valley Along The River

A photo of the valley below from the top of a mountain. It shows the autumn colored leaves and river below, with a train on the tracks across the river.

We decided to continue on the trail after the cache. We were hoping it wound around and would get us to the top of the mountain and besides that, it was a great day for a hike and an excellent hike at that. Here are a few more pictures from along the way.

This was a great view of the ridges and valleys in the distance, with some leave color and cloud and mountain shadows.

View Of The Mountains And Valleys

This is a photo showing one of the views of the mountains and valleys and fall colored foliage throughout the valleys and mountains.

This one, I like how the river was reflecting the brightness of the mostly sunny sky

View Of The Mountains And Valleys

A photo showing how the river below us was illuminated by the sky.

I really enjoyed this hike and am grateful geocaching brought us here. We may have come across it without geocaching, but caching is what got us to actually visit the trail. It’s a tougher hike, but I highly recommend it.

Really, I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad hike period. If you’re capable of it, I certainly recommend spending some time out on a trail in the woods, taking in nature.