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Our Hibiscus Is Still Getting Some Flowers

It’s really kind of cool to have the hibiscus in our bedroom now. The grow light has a timer so it comes on during the day to get it some light and the leaves seem to be improving as it adjusts to the cooler and drier air. They’re getting bigger and more numerous now after it dropping quite a few of them when it was fist adjusting to being inside from what was essentially full sun.

I bet it would do much better with actual sun but sadly the way our house is set up we have no south facing windows that we could put the plant in front of and not have it be in the way of something.

We also don’t have central heat but only electric baseboard heaters and the one in our bedroom has the wire touching the bottom of it so we just don’t use it. It’s probably fine to use but the girlfriend is paranoid about electricity so we just don’t use it. The lady we bought the house from had her nephew do a lot of the stuff for her and over the years it’s become very clear that he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing or just didn’t care to do things right.

Flowers on our hibiscus in January

Flower in a hibiscus plant

As much as I love winter it’s definitely nice to have a taste of brighter warmer spring and summer days in the house. Our lavender plant that we brought in seems to be doing okay too