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First Daffodil I Noticed Blooming

We finally got out for a nice walk this evening after missing it most of last week. Between running around, the weather being uncooperative and me having the shits, it just wasn’t working out.

Shortly after we ate our supper, salad of course, a potato, and ham loaf we went for our walk. We haven’t had ham loaf in quite a while, actually. I forgot how good it tastes. A salad is almost always good, and we have one nearly every day. I admit that I do get tired of them once in a while and need a short break from them.

The walk was a bit windy and maybe a little chilly for this time of the year, but not anything compared to what we had during the past winter. The sun was still up and shining at times and behind the residual clouds at other times.

It was quiet too, naturally since the headlights wouldn’t blind me we only had one car come down the street when we were walking. We passed only one other lady walking.

It was great to see some flowers blooming. Mostly the street trees and of course the house down the street’s tree that I call the jellyfish tree because it’s pink and shaped sort of a like a jelly fish. It’s round on the top and flat on the bottom, and wider than it is tall.

Daffodil blooming at the curb

This picture shows a daffodil blooming. The petals are white with a yellow center of the flower.

Yes, it is that time of the year when I will begin posting annoying flower pictures, but I like them and want to share the joy with others that may not get to see them. You need to learn to stop and look at the flowers, and of course smell them if they’re fragrant.