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Our Hibiscus Is Blooming A Couple Of Months After A Squirrel Ate It Bare

Last fall I moved our Hibiscus plant from the front yard to the patio to be nearer to the garage door to make it more convenient to bring in for the frosty nights. The first morning bringing it outside again I noticed some damage. I figured I banged it into the door frame carrying it and it lost those leaves. it got worse each day. Maybe it’s adjusting to less light and lower temperatures I thought. Eventually she was working out in the garage and saw a squirrel sitting up on the edge of the pot eating it. I didn’t realize that they ate them. I saw the squirrel in the summer sitting on the plant but not eating anything from it.

We figured there’s no harm in bringing it inside anyways and seeing what happens with it. The green has slowly been expanding and the leaves are slowly getting larger along with the few flower buds that were left by the little bastard squirrel. Today two of the flowers finally opened! Nice middle of January surprise for sure. If you can’t enjoy the little surprises in life what’s the point in even living?

Our Hibiscus plant is slowly recovering from a squirrel eating it.

This picture is of a orange flower Opened up on our hibiscus that was eaten bare. It has the large flower but only small leaves.