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Our Rose Has Started

Yesterday afternoon, while walking past, I noticed that our rose bush had it’s first red buds of the spring. There are many green ones that I recently noticed forming in clusters, but yesterday I noticed that some were turning red. I told Molly that it was getting ready to bloom.

Sure enough, I looked out the door this rainy, dreary morning and saw the first red flower. The flower was the normal very deep red since it lost the graft that made them change colors. The red ones are still nice to see. Today it almost looked neon red in the rain.

We left this afternoon to go pick up a micro SD card and I walked over to the rose to check it out. I got a great picture of the flower even though it was still drizzly and dreary.

Our Rose Has Started

This picture shows a red rose that has opened up and blooming. on a green rose bush.