I have been smelling honeysuckles for days now but didn’t see them. Turns out they must have been in the deep shadow in the trees the other evening when I went to see if I could find them.

These always remind me of our house in Andalusia that had many trees in the large yard. Right outside my bedroom window was a holly tree. Honeysuckles grew on that tree so I’d smell them every spring. They also grew in the “path” between Tennis ave and the apartments. I believe I saw on Facebook that they cleared that wooded lot now.. Wonder what they’ll build there? It’s a shame because kids can’t play in the woods then when they’re older use them to get high and drunk,

This picture shows white and yellow honeysuckles blooming.

While And Yellow Honeysuckles

Some kind of small purple flowers. They’re almost more pinkish than purple. I’ve seen them before but don’t know what they’re called.

This photo contains purple flowers

More purple flowers

Life is short. Stop and smell the flowers even if they’re just weeds.