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Firefly Petunias Exceeding My Expectations

Yesterday, these glowing flowers arrived. I took them out of the box, watered them, and let them sit outside in the sun until the evening. Frost was in the forecast, so I brought them in.

Once it got dark, there was a distinct greenish glow to them. The flowers were the brightest, but the stems are also fairly bright. This morning the glow was still strong and noticeable from across the kitchen when I went to get coffee.

Today was a sunny and fairly mild day, but there were notably cloudy periods, so the Petunias got a full day of sunshine. They have noticeably grown and spread out, and they are also notably top-heavy now from growing and taking in the water.

Tonight will be another chilly one, so I brought them in and put them on the kitchen counter near the window. I went out there to get a drink of water and, of course, had to look at the flowers. With the lights off, they can be seen with the faint greenish moonlike glow from across the room again. Near the white walls, a slight light can be seen on the wall too.

Firefly Petunias Are Exceeding My Expectations

This picture of a Firefly Petunia glowing in the dark

They smell great too. I wasn’t not expecting that at all but inside I could smell them through the whole kitchen this morning.