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I Just Ate Blueberries From The Store And They Were Actually Really Good

They were on sale so we picked up to boxes of blueberries when we were at the store last week. I just now got around to eating them and unlike most times they were sweet and had an awesome blueberry flavor.

It brought back good memories of being a kid or even an adult going to eight bees and playing in the woods. When they were ripe I’d spend lots of times eating blue berries straight off the blueberry bushes. They were always sweat if you knew where to find the best plants. The wildlife enjoyed them to. There would be blue shit around. It seemed the best ones grew where they got some sun and in sort of well drained areas. If you found ripe ones on an old coal bank they seemed to be the biggest and sweetest ones.

Another amazing thing to find in the woods up at the mountains was the fresh blackberries. They were always smaller and less “pretty” than the ones that one could purchase at the grocery store but they had the best flavor. They were harder for me to find given that they were more in the woods and lower to the ground. Poor eyesight wasn’t very conducive to spotting them but when I did find some they were devoured.

When the berries were ripe I always brought containers along with me with the intention of picking a bunch to take home. They never made it home. For that matter it was a rare occasion that they even made it into the container unless my mouth would count as a container. They were typically devoured right on the spot.

I would say ninety percent of the ones you buy in the grocery store just don’t have all that much flavor. Once in a while like this batch they are really good or like last year in Cape May when we bought fresh Jersey ones when they were actually in season. The reality is most produce in the store just needs to look good to entice consumers to buy it. Usually it seems the imperfect looking fruits and vegetables are the ones that have a much better flavor.

On that note our strawberry plants are just loaded with small strawberries. We just have to figure out a way to keep the birds or squirrels or whatever animal takes then every year. We are thinking we can find some sort of netting or something to put over then to make it more difficult for the animals to get to them. On a positive note with our strawberry plants they have spread on their own and we have more plants than we started with. In addition to that we don’t have the un parented kids living next store that can play football in our garden if they want to since it’s their right to enjoy what ever they want.