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Got A Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza From Two Cousins

We don’t get pizza all that often but when we do, we typically get Two Cousins Pizza since they have the drive through. We’d go other places to dine in, but obviously with the whole pandemic that’s not even an option if we wanted it to be. Anyway, Molly got home from work pretty late, so we decided to grab a pizza and chill on the patio with an adult beverage since it was such a nice evening.

We got Two Cousins Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, and it was done perfectly this time. Even had some bubbles. The pizza has ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese and of course Bacon! It’s delicious, but then again, so is their normal pizza.

You also can’t beat their sandwiches. They make their own bread for them, and ninety-five percent of the time it’s right on. Once in a great while it might be a bit overdone for my preference, but others might actually prefer it more toasted.

We haven’t been getting fast food or pizza type of stuff all that much recently, but on a day like today when time is short, it’s a great option to have available. It’s also nice to support local small businesses during these times, when many of them won’t survive the pandemic.