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It's Friday So We Got Joys!

It’s Friday so we did our normal thing and got our takeout from Joy’s Tavern. We’ve been enjoying their takeout food and drinks since spring. The food is always good and their sauce for the onion rings is just amazing!

Today I got a burger for a change. I’ve been getting cheese steaks but I wanted something different today so I ended up with the burger. It has peppers and stuff on it and it’s really tasty.

While we were eating it we watched the announcement for next week’s Vault WOD. That WOD looked like it would be a real shit show for me.

Given that had drank 1 and 2 thirds of my adult slushies I decided it was a good idea to just rip off the band aid and do the show. ever 2 minutes row 250 meters and then max rep burpees until the two minutes is up. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing went wrong and I was able to continue drinking my frozen alcoholic drink during and after the WOD to stay well hydrated (sarcasm.) I actually had a bottle of water to and drank plenty of that also.

I ended up just making the goal reps even though I though there was no way possible I was going to. With these sort of WODs I tend to not really push myself enough. I’m always saving energy for the next rounds but I guess the alcohol made me not care enough and embrace the suck fest of this WOD.

That’s one of the advantages of our home gym. I can workout even while consuming and adult beverage! I don’t do that often. Last time I did was last summer with a sandbag WOD but I’ve done it a handful of times.

I enjoyed watching the Flyers game after the WOD too. Even more than watching it I enjoyed the result because fuck the Pens and