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Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy's Ribs

We’ve been meaning to get back to this place for a while but we like to walk and the weather’s been quite uncooperative for that. Today it worked out that we went over there and I am glad we did.

Normally I get the pulled pork or beef brisket which have both always been amazing. Today the special was Ribs with a specialty sauce. I decided to try the ribs and I’m very glad I did. The sauce was something with some sort of lime which I had no idea whether I would like it but decided I was going to try it. It was really tasty.

The ribs them selves were probably the best I’ve ever had. Lots of meet and fall off the bone with the flavor from the smoker. That smell you can smell a block a way and every time we drive past if the wind is coming from the south. That smell is their greatest advertisement. Sometimes if the wind is from right direction it even tortures us at home.

Harvey’s BBQ is definitely a great place to grab BBQ or something like that in Mount Joy. I’m so glad they were able to rebuild and reopen after their fire a few years ago.