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Fresh Strawberries

One nice thing about living here in Lancaster County is sometimes you see stands selling fresh fruits or vegetables. There are still some farms around here that haven’t yet been sold out to development yet, but I’m convinced that’s only a matter of time.

There’s one stand on East Main Street that we typically get stuff from different times. I could be wrong, but something is making me think they may be Amish.

Anyway, we picked up a bunch of strawberries from them yesterday and as always, they are excellent ones. I think they pick them in the morning. They’ve all tasted like strawberries, but each one is slightly different. They don’t all look perfect like in the store, but they taste so much better.

Once in a while you get good ones at the grocery store, but more often than not they’re blander. It’s the nature of them not being as fresh.

Later in the summer, they also tend to have outstanding sweat corn. I can’t wait until we can get more of that this year!