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I Could Really Eat A Cheese Steak Right Now

One thing that is hard to find if not impossible to find up here is a legit cheese steak. The one local pizza place had some decent enough ones. They always smelled like a legit pizza place, too. Just walking into the old Dimaria’s you’d smell the heaven of what a legit pizza place should smell like. Sadly, the owner sold it and while it’s still decent it’s been slowly declining

I know they have a new place up near Ephreta, but we just haven’t made it up there yet. Hopefully, can combine a legit cheese steak with geocaching sometime this year or if not that one of his awesome pizzas. Those are legit too! Holy shit, the tomato pies are outstanding, at least they were when he had his place in Mount Joy and Lititz.

Sure, every pizza place up here has “Philly cheese steaks” but they just aren’t the same. For one, there’s usually hardly anything to the sandwich. They’re not terrible, just a poor imitation of the real thing because people around here don’t care or know any better.

Maybe what we really need to do is take a train trip to Philly for geocaching and a legit cheese steak for a meal. I don’t mean from the places across the street that everyone knows about, either! Literally, any place would have better cheese steaks than them.