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First Tomato Sandwich From The Garden

One of those things I’ve always loved was a good tomato sandwich. It doesn’t have to be anything special, like a BLT or anything like that but those are good too. I’ve been eating a plain old tomato sandwich since I was tiny, and Nan made them from the tomatoes in their garden. Just bread, mayo, and a tomato is all you need.

I do like to use oregano sometimes, but I didn’t today. I picked up a tomato when I was mowing yesterday that had fallen off the plant. It was about 95% red, so I sat it in the sun at the window.. It was ready today, and I couldn’t wait to dig in and try it. The plant itself has tons more tomatoes on it. The tomato was surprisingly sweet. Fresh ones are just like so many other things and just have more flavor when you get them fresh instead of from the store. Sadly, the first one that turned red and was ready had grown around the cage, so that wasn’t really usable, so I had to wait a couple of extra days.

Technically, I had my first sandwich the other day. Molly cut cherry tomatoes for a sandwich because I mentioned I was going to try that. We have tons of those for salads, and I just didn’t want to wait. That was fantastic, too. Those were sweeter. It just wasn’t the same as fighting with a big, fat slice of tomato trying to slide out of the bread. It worked, but wasn’t the same.

A few weeks ago, I bought a tomato at the country store since it looked good. Like usual, when you buy them from the store, they don’t have that much flavor. They’re almost always good at the farm stands you see around here but we haven’t been to one.

Last year, our large tomato plant didn’t do so well. It got overwhelmed by the cherry tomatoes. We had them too close together but we learned and spread them out some more. It seems to be doing really well, and I’m excited about eating many more of them. There are a dozen or so getting close to being ready now.

We have an unknown tomato plant that seeded itself, so we left it to grow. I’m anxious to see what that turns out to be. Going by the number of fruits, I’d assume it’s another cherry tomato, but time will tell. We also have a watermelon plant that seeded itself and has several watermelons on it.