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First Rainbow Of The Year And It's A Double Rainbow

Molly just bitched at me saying I guess we won’t be going for a walk tonight because it’s raining. I looked outside and saw some blue to our north and said we’d be fine. I grabbed my tablet to come upstairs on the computer for a bit while we digest and relax a bit before going and noticed the sun was fully shining

I thought I would go outside to see if there’s a rainbow because why not? Life is short and you just have to appreciate all of the small things that you get a chance to see or experience. I do stop and smell flowers too when I see them.

When I got outside it was still raining pretty good and shortly after I got out there I looked to the east and saw the rainbow and it was a bright one. Upon looking a little closer I noticed the faint second outer rainbow so that would mean that our first rainbow that I’ve seen in the year 2021 is a double rainbow. The secondary one was really dim but it was definitely there.

First Double Rainbow Of 2021

Here is a photo of part of the first rainbow of 2021 here in Mount Joy and it was a double rainbow.