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Neat Looking Ground Fog This Morning

Mother Nature never fails to provide interesting surprises. Even though there was no fog before sunrise, some formed after sunrise right on the ground. It looked more like steam rising than fog because it was only hugging the ground and rising in some plumes.

The recent warm temperatures have warmed up the surface of the ground, but yesterday’s rain has saturated it. The temperature has been dancing around the dew point since I got up, but I guess once the mixing from the sunrise started, it dropped close enough to form the fog. The ground must have been just cold and wet enough to push it over the edge.

I could see it clearly out in the field behind our house when I opened the bathroom blind once the sun came up. The sun lit off the fog to make it even more visible. Being upstairs, I could see above it too, and that field is slightly below the level of the ground here.

If it were still just an empty field down there, I would have gone to see if a could get a neat picture of it, but unfortunately, there’s a facility that was built there with all sorts of security. We live in a time when paranoia is stronger than common sense. I would rather not get on any lists or deal with all of that crap just because it’s a facility that grows marijuana.

This fog was another example of how beautiful nature can be. Sure, it wasn’t a colorful sunrise like I often post about, but the fog was very cool to see. It was mostly burned off by about half an hour after sunrise, so it was short-lived, too. There were still some wisps visible, but not many. Life is so short. Take it all in and enjoy it.