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Pretty Good Morning Thunderstorm

I got woken up a bit before 3 AM this morning but what I thought was thunder. I laid there in bed for a bit until I heard it again. I decided to get out of bed and go sit on the front porch to enjoy our first of hopefully many middle of the night thunderstorms,

I got outside and it was actually still pretty mild. I would guess the temperature was in the mid to upper 50s with a steady wind from the west as the storms were approaching from the northwest. As the storm approached the wind steadily increased and we actually ended up having some pretty decent gusts. It wasn’t anything special but still a pretty good thunderstorm for it being only early April

The storm featured some nice lightning too. It wasn’t the typical frequent lightning one would expect in the summer but there were flashes every 30 seconds or so If I am guessing right. Some of them were pretty close too!

All in all it was a nice early April surprise storm for this area.