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First Daytime Snow Flurries Of The Season

The forecast had been mentioning snow flurries for today, but the radar wasn’t looking too promising at all. With Alberta clippers, there’s not much moisture to work with since they’re moving so fast from the northwest over the cold and dry Canadian plains. Once in a while it’ll pull in moisture from the Atlantic soon enough to increase the snow, but this wasn’t one of those cases. Today was the common scenario where they’re off the coast before they really get to tap into the Atlantic.

I wasn’t really expecting to see any snowflakes since the radar looked so dry and the dew point was fairly low. I did a rowing endurance WOD and when I got off the rower for one of the two-minute breaks I noticed that there was a nice light snow falling. With it being so light and the temperature being in the upper 30s of course nothing stuck. I don’t think it even made the ground look wet, but it was still enjoyable to see those white flakes falling from the sky. It was the first time I got to actually see snow falling since last winter.

It was a refreshing feeling last night when it looked and felt like snow when we went for our evening walk. The moon was out, but the atmosphere seemed to have that feel to it. It definitely felt like snow this morning while we were out, too.