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Certainly An Interesting Storm

I can’t say that I am not disappointed that this wasn’t an all snow storm for us but it was still an interesting winter storm to watch grow. It was never going to be a good setup for pure snow for us even with the very cold air ahead of it.

Yesterday the temperature started out at a nice cold low of℉ in the morning. It rose throughout the day up to 25℉ or so then dropped back to around 21℉ when the snow first arrived about 4:00 PM or so. I don’t remember the time exactly but it was one of those unusual occasions where the snow stuck to everything right away. Even the roads. We had gone to pick up pizza as it started snowing and by the time we got home the ground was white. It wasn’t even snowing that heavily.

The snow increased in intensity during the evening. I didn’t go out and measure it before going to lay down but it looked like there were several inches of snow. When I went to go to bed about 8:00 PM the temperature was starting to increase. It was up to 29℉ or so by the time I turned off my tablet at a little after 9:00 PM. My that time I was hearing the windblown sleet pinging off the house.

I swear I heard thunder at some point last night but that wouldn’t surprise me with the dynamics of the storm and given so much of the warm air intrusion into the storm.

The high temperature early this morning was 40.1℉ so that’s a 35℉ increase in 24 hours. Not too shabby. The Barometric pressure recorded by me weather station wen from 30.45 for the first reading after midnight yesterday down to around 29.05 in this morning. That’s a nice drop and nice deep storm.

There was some wind last night but there should be more wind today in the wake of the storm.