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Saw A Meteor Last Night

Saw a bright fireball for the second time in my life last night. This time I heard it too.


Today's Solar Eclipse

Today was really cool since we had the solar eclipse. It wasn’t total here but it was really cool to watch things darken. The last time was when I was elementary school. I really noticed the wind pick up and the temperature drop when the sun slid behind the moon.


Meteor Lights Up Canadian Skies

Last night, a meteor came down in Canada and lit up the night sky as it burned up.


Phoenix Lands Safely And Is Sending Pictures

I love science. I saw that the Phoenix lander has landed safely on Mars. Looking forward to see what interesting thing that finds.


Organic Material at Enceladus

I just saw some exciting news from NASA. The Cassini probe out near Saturn detected organic molecules and water when it flew through a geyser. from Enceladus.


Star Explosion

Space never ceases to amaze me. A gamma ray burst was detected from a start explosion. It became the farthest away object visible with the naked eye.


Titan's Hydrocarbons

I saw a fascinating article on Slashdot. It says that the hydrocarbons on Titan surpass the earth’s oil reserves

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Interstellar Dust Like Life

I read an interesting article last night. Scientist said that under the right conditions, interstellar plasma can become organized into structures that interact with each other.


Water Found On Extra Solar Planet

Scientists have discovered water on an extrasolar planet for the first time. I admit, I hope this is a sign of life outside our bubble.