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Today's Solar Eclipse

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It’s been a while since the United States has had a total solar eclipse. I want to think their was one when I was in elementary school but I can’t be sure if that was a total eclipse or not. I just remember us going outside and it getting darker. This one was the first I could understand and enjoy though. It wasn’t total here, we only had a partial eclipse.

Phoenix Lands Safely And Is Sending Pictures

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This news is something I really wish there was more of. The Phoenix Mars lander has successfully landed and already sent back some pictures. It’s really great that they had another lander on Mars in a different area. I am looking forward to the new discoveries it brings to us. I think it’s really important to explore the universe and work on finding other places where we could survive. I think it’s important to the long turn survival of humans because there is too many things that could happen here on Earth to make us extinct.

Organic Material at Enceladus

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Cassini Tastes Organic Material at Saturn’s Geyser Moon I saw some pretty exciting news from NASA. Cassini, the space craft out near Saturn detected higher temperatures than expected on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Cassini flew through a geyser like eruption and sensed water vapor and organic materials. I thought this was pretty amazing news. I only wish we had more space probes out there exploring

Star Explosion

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Space never ceases to amaze me. A gamma ray burst was detected from a start explosion. It became the farthest away object visible with the naked eye.