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Mauna Loa Eruption Live Stream

I’ve always been fascinated by science of all types. It’s really cool that I can sit here and see a live stream of the Mauna Loa eruption thanks to the USGS and YouTube.


Dry Ice In Hot Water

As I posted earlier, the ice cream was delivered. It was shipped with big blocks of dry ice to keep it frozen. I’ve always wanted to play with dry ice, and now I’ve finally had the chance.


Earth's Radio Sounds

I saw something interesting on Slashdot this morning. It was about the sound of charged particles from the sun interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field.


Phoenix Lands Safely And Is Sending Pictures

I love science. I saw that the Phoenix lander has landed safely on Mars. Looking forward to see what interesting thing that finds.


Toxic Fumes From A Meteorite

There was a mystery illness after a meteorite landed in Peru. They determined that a gas discharged from the crater.


Interstellar Dust Like Life

I read an interesting article last night. Scientist said that under the right conditions, interstellar plasma can become organized into structures that interact with each other.


Water Found On Extra Solar Planet

Scientists have discovered water on an extrasolar planet for the first time. I admit, I hope this is a sign of life outside our bubble.