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Earth's Radio Sounds

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Earth’s Cries Recorded in Space[^1] I saw this posted on Slashdot this morning but thought it was interesting. They talk about Auroral Kilometric Radiation which is caused by charged particles from the sun hitting Earth’s magnetic field. To me this is what makes science so great. I wonder if other planets make similar sounds. I would be interested in what Neptune and the other gas giants would sound like. I wonder radio would sound like if we could go back in time with a receiver before we had anything that could cause interference.

Phoenix Lands Safely And Is Sending Pictures

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This news is something I really wish there was more of. The Phoenix Mars lander has successfully landed and already sent back some pictures. It’s really great that they had another lander on Mars in a different area. I am looking forward to the new discoveries it brings to us. I think it’s really important to explore the universe and work on finding other places where we could survive. I think it’s important to the long turn survival of humans because there is too many things that could happen here on Earth to make us extinct.