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Dry Ice In Hot Water

This goes along with my earlier post, but isn’t about the ice cream itself. The ice cream was shipped in a cooler with lots of dry ice in it to keep it frozen. That meant I would have the chance to play with it! I’ve always to get some, but never bothered to go through with it.

I knew it would create clouds, but I didn’t expect it to be as thick and prolonged as it was. Now that we have some, I immediately started planning what to do with it. We filled a bucket with hot water from the kitchen sink after allowing the water to get as hot as it does. We sat that bucket on the patio, then dumped the dry ice into it. Sure, normal water would have worked fine with the large difference between the water that was at ground temperature and the dry ice that’s near -109℉. I’ve always had the opinion that you have to go all in if you’re going to do it.

Hot Water On Dry ice

This is a picture of a thick cloud coming from pieces of dry ice after I had poured hot water on it.