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Mauna Loa Eruption Live Stream

Growing up, I was always fascinated by all things science and geology. When I first read about the active volcanoes in Hawaii, I wanted to go see them in person and hope I could see it erupting. That never did happen, at least not yet. I am still hoping that maybe life allows it sometime.

I saw a link to Mauna Loa Eruption, HI - USGS live stream mentioned on Reddit. I’ve had it on for a while now, glancing at it every once in a while. I know that scientist had been expecting something might happen with the uptick in earthquakes and their location.

While I can’t be there to witness it in person, I think it’s a wonderful example of the power of the internet that the USGS can live stream it. I didn’t even dream that this sort of thing was possible when I was in elementary school.