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Clouds Broke A Little For Today's Solar Eclipse

Today was another solar eclipse. Clouds made it a bit disappointing, but they broke in time for the maximum.


Today's Solar Eclipse

Today was really cool since we had the solar eclipse. It wasn’t total here but it was really cool to watch things darken. The last time was when I was elementary school. I really noticed the wind pick up and the temperature drop when the sun slid behind the moon.


Snow And Lunar Eclipse In The Same Day

Yesterday we had a nice surprises. We had a clipper leave us with more than an inch of snow. At night it had cleared up in time for the lunar eclipse too!


Total Lunar Eclipse Will Be Tomorrow

Tomorrow it’s time for the total lunar eclipse again.


Second Lunar Eclipse of the Year

Tomorrow morning, there will be a total lunar eclipse


Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow

There will be total lunar eclipse tomorrow. I am hoping to actually see it this time but it looks like it may be cloudy.