Today's Solar Eclipse

It’s been a while since the United States has had a total solar eclipse. I want to think their was one when I was in elementary school but I can’t be sure if that was a total eclipse or not. I just remember us going outside and it getting darker.

This one was the first I could understand and enjoy though. It wasn’t total here, we only had a partial eclipse. A good portion of the sun was blocked out. I think they said it was something like 75% or so. Two things about it stood out for me.

The first thing that stood out for me really was how the light got dimmer like dusk but the colors didn’t change like they do at dusk. Obviously I understand why but it was still fucking with my brain. Everything looked the same but just much dimmer.

The other thing that sort of stood out to me was the temperature drop. It was definitely a noticeable drop and it came right back up after the sun moved out from behind the moon. I wish I still had my Davis weather station to track it but that died a few years back. The next solar eclipse I hope to be prepared.

I love what nature can do!