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Clouds Broke A Little For Today's Solar Eclipse

Last week, the weather hadn’t been looking so good for today’s solar eclipse. I was thankful that we weren’t planning to travel someplace where we could see the total eclipse. As awesome as that would be to see, I know that clouds are a big issue this time of the year with changing seasons.

For the past few days, the forecast had switched to mostly sunny so I started to get hopeful to get a shot to see it here. Those hopes faded when there were plenty of cirrus clouds this morning when the sun came up and the satalite view wasn’t looking so hot either. It did clear this morning but as luck would have it another batch of clouds moved in as the moon was starting to block the sun. There were blue skies to our east and an open area to the west, but they weren’t moving towards us here in Mount Joy.

The clouds kept the temperature fluctuation from being as big as it was last time. Unfortunately, then I didn’t have a personal weather station, but now I do. It was still about a four degrees drop. Which was pretty cool.

Right around the maximum, the clouds started thinning, and I was able to get some pictures of the mostly obscured Sol. It was great to be able to experience another eclipse, but the weather was a bit of a letdown this time around.

Solar Eclipse

This picture shows a break in the clouds with a 90 something percent solar eclipse...