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No Aurora Here Thanks To Clouds

Last week, there was a very active sunspot that set off multiple solar storms directly toward the earth. Not only were they directed at earth, but they were strong and would cause the strongest effects in years.

My immediate thought was that it was a good chance to see the Aurora Borealis. As is typical around here, the weather had other plans. Just like with the color eclipse last month or nearly any meteor shower, it was cloudy here.

Friday night, I did have some hope, though, because before sunset, the visible satellite showed some unexpected clearing working its way into western Pennsylvania and seemed to be moving south-eastward. It gave me hope of at least some breaks in the clouds with drier air working in, but that never really made it past the mountains. I sat up most of the night. At times, I could see that the color of the clouds looked a little different from normal, but there were no breaks.

It was difficult to tell too much from the backyard due to the ridiculous light pollution from floodlights that people leave on all night. I don’t understand why someone feels the need to light up the block.

I told Molly that if I drove I would have made a road trip to clear skies.