Saw A Meteor Last Night

Last night, we started watching a movie, then somehow wound up shouting the shit over on the neighbor’s patio. Around 9:20 or so, a white light caught my attention. It was in the trees, and I was seeing shadows. I thought, “What the hell is someone doing with a flashlight?” The other neighbors tend to let their kids play with them and shine it on our patio and in people’s windows. Those people are the epitome of entitled, though. The light went behind the umbrella, but I still saw the flickering shadows, and then it came out the other side.

I heard the sizzling sound when it came out from behind the umbrella. It had also changed to a bright green or maybe a bluish green color. It happened so fast that it’s hard to really be sure of the color. The fireball was also sparkling by then, before it broke up.

A few minutes later, there was a deep boom as the sonic boom reached here. The boom wasn’t that loud, but it was distinct enough to hear it right around the time a train was passing.

According to NASA, it was determined that it was a fragment of an asteroid originally from the asteroid belt. It entered the earth’s atmosphere above Maryland and disintegrated over York County, PA at an altitude of twenty two miles. They had originally estimated the size to be six inches in diameter but revised that estimate to say about a foot in diameter, and it weighed 60 pounds. They said it had the brightness of a quarter moon which is in line with what I thought.