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First Snow Of The Year

I knew there was a chance of some light snow today, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see it accumulating a bit while I was doing my first WOD of the day. I thought being so early and borderline, above freezing temperatures, that it would just be a few flurries.

It was snowing pretty good and actually gave us a dusting of snow cover. It’s melting now, but it was nice to see everything white for the first time of the 2020/2021 winter here in northwester Lancaster County. I was even more surprised that it even seemed to be laying on the street. I guess when you think about it, although the ground hasn’t quite had a chance to really cool off, yet the sun is at nearly it’s the lowest point and days are nearly as short as they will be.

I am not holding out all that much hope for this winter, but I am hoping for at least a decent snow storm.