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Hurricane Gustav Makes Landfall

The hurricane made landfall today in Louisiana. as a category 3 hurricane. It doesn’t seem to have been too bad so far. Nothing like Katrina was but it isn’t over yet and with Katrina the flooding happened after the storm and they thought the levees were good. It could’ve been a lot worse and looked like it would be for a while.

It’s been fun to watch and track the storm though. Like always there were unexpected twists. It was pretty interesting how it rapidly strengthened just before it hit Cuba. It was also intriguing to watch yesterday as it seemed to be trying to fight off dry air. Just as it seemed like it had gotten rid of it the eastern side of the CDO would open a bit..

As much as I love extreme storms and that sort of thing I’m glad it shouldn’t have been nearly as bad as it could have been for NOLA.

Now Tropical Storm Hanna seems to be strengthening. It seems Hanna should be come a hurricane but not that strong of one and move through the Bahamas and thee brush Florida. Hopefully not too close because I don’t think they really need the rain at the point.

Further east is tropical depression 9. That’s forecast to become a hurricane en a couple of days and pretty much move west.