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Cold And Windy Day

This has been a cold and windy day. It’s been feeling more like February than late march. There’s been periods of sun but mostly clouds with snow squalls moving through Pennsylvania. Here in Mount Joy we didn’t get any snow but many areas did.

Interstate up in Schuylkill County had that nasty pile up due to a snow squall. It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to drive the proper speed for the conditions.

It only got up to less than 1 degree Fahrenheit above freezing today which is cold for late March. The wind has been gusting to around 30 mph according to my weather station but it’s been maybe a little above that since that’s a little sheltered from the west winds. There’s been some pretty good gusts with the snow showers (only causing virga right here.)

It’s seemed more like a late fall or early winter day today than it has spring as it normally does in late March. I just saw at Millersville the high temperature beat the old record for the low maximum by several degrees.

It’s funny to me that the news and media didn’t hype the shit out of the “POLAR VORTEX!!!” like they normally do when they actually had a chance to legitimately do it this time.