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We Saw A Rainbow Over The Atlantic Ocean

This is a photo of a rainbow over the ocean and beach at Cape May, NJ

This is a picture of a rainbow over the beach and ocean in Cape may. The departing thunderstorm is in the background

Well I got the opportunity to see something I’ve never had a chance to see before. We had a dying thunderstorm move over us on July 18th when we were vacationing in Cape may. Really all we got from that storm was a shelf cloud and a quick burst of rain. As that was moving through the sun came back out while it was raining so I looked out the window to see if there’s a rainbow. It was at one point a double rainbow but by the time we got outside you couldn’t really see the outer rainbow but still it was cool just to see one over the water in the first place.

Later that evening more storms approached but stayed out over the ocean so we got to spend who knows how long sitting on the beach just watching nature’s show. There were some good lightning bolts coming out of that storm and being over the ocean there were obstructions blocking the view. We don’t get that at home because there’s always trees or houses or hills and what ever else can be in the way. I’ve always wanted to watch a storm over the ocean but have never been in good place to do that when there were thunderstorms in the area.