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Finally, My Coffee Got Delivered

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Back in December I was quarantined for having COVID so I figured why not order some Cape May coffee to make it better being we were stuck at home. I thought it would be a bit late with the holidays and all but never imagined it would take this long! I’m not really complaining but I will admit it was a bit frustrating for the coffee to be sitting in Harrisburg for a week.

We Saw A Rainbow Over The Atlantic Ocean

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This is a photo of a rainbow over the ocean and beach at Cape May, NJWe got an awesome view of a rainbow over the beach and ocean while in Cape May NJ. Well I got the opportunity to see something I’ve never had a chance to see before. We had a dying thunderstorm move over us on July 18th when we were vacationing in Cape may. Really all we got from that storm was a shelf cloud and a quick burst of rain.

Cape May

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In the past, we weren’t really able to go on vacation, but the past few years we’ve been able to. Cape May has been our choice.