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Finally, My Coffee Got Delivered

We were stuck in the house with me having COVID. I ordered sole Coffee from Cape may from a store we love down there. That made things a bit better.


Since We're Not Going Out To Drink I Ordered Some Coffee As A Little Extra Treat

Since we’re not going out to drink, I ordered some Cape May Coffee as a little extra treat. We loved the coffee from Love The Cook.


We Saw A Rainbow Over The Atlantic Ocean

We were at Cape May when we had a good thunderstorm move over us in the evening. When it moved off the coast the sun came out. We saw a rainbow out over the ocean. That’s the first time in my life I’ve witnessed a rainbow over the ocean myself.


Cape May

In the past, we weren’t really able to go on vacation, but the past few years we’ve been able to. Cape May has been our choice.


Sunset Over Cape May Point Lighthouse

We were on vacation at Cape May and decided to walk to the end of the beach to see the sunset. We ended up being there at the right time, with it right near the Cape May Point Lighthouse.