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Since We're Not Going Out To Drink I Ordered Some Coffee As A Little Extra Treat

Not often but we go out to eat once a week and maybe a couple of times a month we go where we can walk, so we can have a couple of drinks. With the state shutting down nonessential businesses we haven’t been going out, and even if restaurants were open, we’d not be eating in them as an extra precaution now anyways, It sucks, but it’s only short term.

I decided to get a different kind of treat. I was looking for coffee that’s different and remembered one of our go-to stores, Love The Cook, in Cape May and remembered that they offer shipping. It was extra nice to remember this since even before the entire COVID-19 fiasco we had decided to skip Cape May for this year anyway. I was happy to see they’re still shipping, so I ordered a Kona coffee, which we haven’t tried yet. They just arrived today.

I also ordered a Nor’easter Blend, which was wonderful. It’s so good in fact that I ordered more. It smells amazing and really does have a delightful strong coffee flavor along with something else. I just can’t quite put my finger on what that flavor is. I don’t remember seeing this one down there last summer. Normally, we grab the Cape May Breakfast blend which is excellent too, but I wanted to try something different. It’s easier for me to browse on their website than it is in the physical store, which is usually pretty busy and a pretty tight space where I’m afraid I’d bump into something, knock it over and ruin it.

They were quick to ship, and I received it two days after ordering it. The superfast shipping was a pleasant surprise for me, since I am used to everything being a little slower with all that’s going on in the world now. It’s great to be able to have a little piece of vacation here at home at least. I highly recommend you check out their Washington Street store if you find yourself in Cape May. We always get our coffee for back in the room there.