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Cape May

In the past, weren’t really in the position to go on vacation, but The past few years we’ve been able to. Our place to go is Cape May, NJ when we go down the shore.

It’s not the cheapest place to go, but it’s really nice, the beaches are clean, and the town is clean. There aren’t a ton of non-parented trashy kids like Ocean city, where we’d gone in the past. It’s pretty quiet and peaceful. There are numerous people in the summer, but not so many that it’s crowded.

There’s always a spot on the beach, and I definitely feel that we can leave our stuff there and go into the ocean and not worry about it getting stolen. Maybe not the best spot later in the day, but you can always find one, so if we get tired of the sun we can go inside and cool off a bit and go back out on the beach later.

By late in the afternoon or evening, there are plenty of awesome places for us to walk to eat and drink. There are so many places to eat and drink and all well with in walking distance. There’s also quite a few things to do with in walking distance or using the trolley. Other than the time we went to the lighthouse, it’s always parked the car and leave it parked the entire time we’re there. There’s always been at least one cache that we haven’t found that we can walk to too.