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Sunset Over Cape May Point Lighthouse

We were away at Cape May, New Jersey again and were really enjoying ourselves with a chance to relax and all of those things. We spent so long not being able to actually go away that it’s wonderful to get the chance to go down the shore now. Of course, we spend the day on the beach with me spending much time in the water but in the evening we walk around town for supper and adult beverages and just to explore. We find caches when we can, too!

The evening this photo That we took this photo, we walked down to the end of Cape May to see if we could catch a sunset again. Sure enough, we got there in time to witness this fantastic sunset nearly over the lighthouse. We just sat on the rocks and enjoyed it along with the sounds of the waves.

Sunset over Cape May Point Lighthouse

This is a picture of a sunset over the Cape May Point peninsula with the lighthouse in the same picture

I don’t think I really keep it much of a secret that I’m all about the little things in life and appreciating them. If there’s a rainbow or sunrise or sunset, I will always stop what I am doing to look. I do the same with flowers. I stop and look and smell them every time. I like to enjoy all these free and awesome things about nature. You never know when your last chance will be.