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Finally, My Coffee Got Delivered

Back in December I was quarantined for having COVID so I figured why not order some Cape May coffee to make it better being we were stuck at home. I thought it would be a bit late with the holidays and all but never imagined it would take this long!

I’m not really complaining but I will admit it was a bit frustrating for the coffee to be sitting in Harrisburg for a week. I totally understand that the post office was overwhelmed. so it is what it is. With the many more important things in life I can’t find the time or energy to be upset simply because a package is late. Now if I’d paid for overnight shipping which costs a fortune that would be a completely different story. Even Amazon’s shipping has been a bit wacky but I’ve gotten packages early from them a couple of times in the past few days so that must be a sign they’re getting caught up.

The important thing is it showed up at the door today and it sure smells good. We’ll be having one of them tomorrow. I ordered the Nor Easter blend thinking it might be here in time for the snow storm in late December but that didn’t workout. It will definitely be good regardless. We’ve really liked that one in the past. I also ordered some holiday blend which really sounded and smells good. Normally I’m not crazy about flavored coffees Love The Cook’s flavors are pretty subtle. We’re looking forward to trying it.

At least it wasn’t shipped through FedEx. On more than one occasion without any circumstance we’ve had stuffs shipped FedEx that just never did show up.