Weekend Storm

Last weekends storm didn’t give us as much rain as promised but it did rain some. Saturday afternoon the low seemed to start to intensify more rapidly just as it crossed central Pa. We’d gone to eat at Red Robin’s in Hershey and when we came out it was sunny and clear except for a line of clouds to the south west. By the time we got home the clouds were moving in.

One the storms moved in we got some insane wind gusts but the cool thing was to hear the sounds. It was almost like hearing stronger winds above. We got very heavy rain for a few minutes and wind blown hail.

Lots of tree damage in the county and power outages too. None in my neighborhood but we went to Leola and saw roofing materials on the ground and saw PP&L trucks near Chickies Rock park Sunday evening. Two of them working across the street from each other.

After the storms passed here they really seemed to form a solid bow echo. Seemed like it weakened on radar by the time it reached Bucks county but judging by the stats on my brother’s tree service website they got hit pretty hard. My mom said it wasn’t bad at her house but she said there was a lot going on in the area judging by the scanner.

It was definitely a time when I wish I had my Davis vantage Pro’s wind sensor set up properly. I recorded a 29.12 low pressure here.