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Mowing The Lawn In Snow Flurries

It’s said that there’s a first time for everything. Today was my first time that I was ever cutting grass and seeing a few snow flakes float past and getting hit in the face with a few wet graupel pellets. Of course there were rain drops too.

It wasn’t enough to even make the ground wet but it was pretty interesting to see it the temperature in the mid to upper 40s. The sun was nice and warm when it was out before I mowed the lawn and also the five minutes after that shower raced past us. The precipitation must have been too low to make it to the radar beam which is pretty high around here being at nearly 10000 feet in elevation if I am remembering correctly.

My first thought when I felt the fist couple of drops was shit, it’s going to rain and I have to wait for the lawnmwoer to cool off before putting it back in the shed. Then it clicked and I remembered that we now have the recharable mower so I don’t have to worry about the engine being hot or possibly knocking the gas can over on it. That gas can was an annoying one. Unless you had 5 hands you couldn’t get it to pour without spilling but it would leak slightly if it fell over.

I continued on with mowing and before long the sun was back out. It’s been one of those days with lots of thick cumulus clouds with the strong cut off low. Things are improving as the day goes on and we should have some nice mild weather next week. Frost advisory for tomorrow morning to get through first though.