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Nice To See The Storm Over Performed

Last night the radar looked really good for one of these types of storm systems with heaver snow banding. When I went to bed the ground was covered and it was snowing heavily. The snow was falling much more heavily than I had really ever expected it to with this particular storm.

When I woke up this morning it looked like there was at least four inches of snow by eyeballing it. After drinking some coffee I took the yard stick out to measure the snow on our glass patio table. That looked like it was about five inches so it did end up over performing based on the original winter weather advisory. They’d upgraded it last night to a winter storm warning for 4 to 7 inches when it became clear that we were going to get more.

It was our first real snowfall of the year and the calm and quietness of the fresh snowfall was really nice when I was out there measuring it. It’s going to make for a nice walk later on this morning I think.

Let’s hope there’s more nice little snowstorms like this during the next few months. Big ones are more fun but they don’t happen that often. It’s always a pleasant surprise to me when a winter storm ends up being an over performer.