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Couple Of Inches Of Wet Snow Last Night

I woke up at 3 am this morning and looked out the window to see it was snowing pretty heavily. After the past couple of mild days, which I have to admit I did enjoy, it’s nice to see a bit of winter is back. Everything had a coating of snow when I woke up, but some heavier snow bands moved over the area since then.

Once it got light out, I noticed that there appears to be a couple of inches of snow on the ground just by eyeballing it here in Mount Joy, PA. I couldn’t find the tape measure to measure it on the glass table, but it looked like three to four inches. It’s also stuck to everything, being a beautiful and wet snow. The neighbors’ evergreen trees look spectacular with the snow on them, like that type of tree always does with this sort of wet snow. The thick, sticky snow is prettier than the drier power snow we had earlier in the winter.

I thought it looked cool on our rose out front.

Wet Snow On Our Rose bush

This picture shows some freshly fallen wet snow sticking to the branches on our rose bush.

Molly has off work today, so we went to the grocery store this morning. On the way home, she said that she wanted to go for a walk and enjoy it. I suggested Cove Park for our walk instead of around the neighborhood, so we could get into the woods, so that’s what we did.

When we first got away from the parking lot, the trail was clear of snow and the woods all snow covered, including the trees. It was even flurrying!

Snowy Trail At Cove Park

This is a picture of snow-covered woods and trees along a paved trail with no snow on it.

The woods looked so nice with the fresh snowfall. Heard a woodpecker pecking away here, but couldn’t find him. There were also a couple of cardinals nearby.

Snowy Woods At Cove Park

This picture shows some freshly fallen wet snow sticking to the branches on our rose bush.

We made it down to the lower part of the park, taking our time on the trail and enjoying the general quietness of it. Where Little Chiques creek runs through the park, it was spectacular with the snow on the trees and banks with the water being clear of snow and ice .

Little Chicques Creek In The Snow At Cove Park

This picture shows the waters of a pretty big creek with wet snow surrounding it including the banks and stuck to the trees all along it.

There’s an area where the trail crosses a small wooden bridge over a small stream. In the summer, it’s more of a swampy area. Today it looked spectacular with the fresh snowfall.

Wet around a small stream at Cove Park

This photo shows a few inches of wet snow surrounding a small stream that is just water.

Here’s the snow in the woods on the side of the hill towards the cliff.

Wet Snow In The Woods And On The Hill At Cove Park

This picture shows fresh snow in the woods at a local park.

It was such a perfect morning to go for a pleasant short walk in the park. It was quiet and peaceful, with the fresh snow making it even quieter. The only sounds we heard were a couple of cardinals and woodpeckers and one gunshot from the nearby range.

The weather was perfect. Right near freezing, so the snow wasn’t melting yet. There was no wind, so it was sticking to the trees and everything else it was on while we were out. Shortly after we got home, the sun came out a bit and the snow on the ground is almost gone except in the deep shadows.