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Hanna Approaching The Carolinas

Tropical storm Hanna is approaching the East coast of the United States now, with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph. It seems like there is a lot more convection today than there was yesterday, but still not around the center. The minimum pressure is 980 millibars, which seems a bit low to not be a hurricane, but that depends on other factors too.

It will make landfall in the Carolinas and move up the east coast and turn northeast. Hopefully, some time in my lifetime, I will have the opportunity to experience a tropical storm or hurricane from the coast.

It would be really fun to be on the outer banks this weekend. I am really hoping we don’t get too much rain here, though. I want to do other things this weekend. On the plus side, we do need the rain and the storm will be moving pretty fast.

Hurricane Ike is still going strong, although it has weakened somewhat. It’s still a category three storm and looks like it may strengthen a bit. The track appears to want to brush south Florida, but that’s still five days from now.

Tropical storm Josephine has really weakened and there doesn’t seem to be much convection left that that storm. Josephine is forecast to weaken and turn towards the northwest over the next few days.