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More Ice On The Susquehanna River

We decided to check out the ice on the river today. It was really cool on the York county side of the river. There seemed to be lots of pressure pushing the ice against the western banks. We could hear the ice squeaking and cracking as the water tried to push it. There was also plenty of broken pieces of ice on top and pushed up along the bank. There were also a few louder cracks out further. I want to go back after it rains if there’s still ice. It seems to be frozen all the way across south of the 462 bridge.

Looking towards and under the bridges from Wrightsville Pennsylvania

This photo shows ice on the frozen over Susquehanna river looking under the bridges from right in Wrightsville Pennsylvania.

Broken ice near the shore

This picture shows the broken ice piled up near the shore.

More rough ice on the river

Here's another picture showing the rough ice on top of the river.