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Finally Feels Like Fall

We are finally getting some fall type of weather condition. Yesterday was cool, only in the 40s with a good breeze. There were periods of clouds like you see in the cooler season from snow flurries and squalls making it off the mountains. We didn’t receive anything here. ’

Yesterday it did dip briefly below freezing in the morning, but last night we had a solid freeze. The temperature was below freezing from at least midnight until mid-morning. I guess that means the garden is officially done. We picked our last four or five peppers last evening.

This cold shot won’t last long. It will be back into the lower 60s by this weekend, but it’s nice to feel winter coming. Last evening was the first time that we turned on the heat this year, so I guess that’s good for the electric bill. I guess it won’t be long until the weather forecasts specify snowf showers and the graphics are decorated with snowflakes.

It seems like just last week I was wearing shorts all day. That’s right, I was! I even wore my swovie shorts to Joy’s which will be most likely the last time I get the chance to wear them until spring. I still have the pants version, so it’s all good. They are almost as comfortable as the shorts. During a couple of WODs last week, I was overheated and pouring sweat. Even when it’s colder, I still sweat, but I don’t get overheated.