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Another Warm December Day

This morning when we went for our walk after the sun was up for a while it was pretty mild for December. Once the sun came out it got warmer yet. I was even a little bit sweaty when we got home.

Today the mercury made it up to 54.5 ℉ according to my weather station. I gathered up the last bit of leaves since it was nice out and we ran them down to the compost facility to get them out of the shed.

During the winter I really do like the cold but if it’s not going to snow these warm sunny days can be nice too. The sun was out pretty strongly most of the day except for a few high thin clouds at time.

I have to admit it was nice for us to take the cushions out on the patio chairs and just relax. She read her kindle and I just sort of zoned out. It turns out that I took a nap too because I woke up not knowing where the time had gone. A fucking fly woke me up. A Fly outside in December just seems so fucked up.

It’s always so surprising to me when I take a nap because other than that time I went without thyroid pills I just have been unable to fall asleep during the day no matter how tired I may be.

You have to take full advantage of the days like this where the weather us fully cooperative to being outside. The sun and fresh are two of the best things you can do for yourself and their both 100 percent free.