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Got To Watch Lightning In A Distant Thunderstorm This Evening

File this under things I’ve never gotten the opportunity to see, or at least that I can remember seeing. There was a pretty good thunderstorm that moved over Hershey and Lebanon County, which is maybe 10 miles from here by air. I saw the clouds building as the sun was setting and was hoping we’d get something out of it, but we did not.

Although we didn’t get directly hit by the storm, it sure did give me a nice lightning show. It was really neat seeing the lightning move through the distant cumulonimbus. You could see distance flashes for the cloud to ground and in cloud lightning. There were even some cloud to air where the lightning came out of the middle or top port of the thunderhead into the clear air around it.

It’s not often that you can even see a storm structure apart from a shelf cloud around here due to trees or haze and cloud blocking the view in the distance. It happens occasionally, but this was the first time I can remember being able to clearly see the lightning because it was dark enough but not so dark as to hide the storm structure. Furthermore, it really was a very cool thing to see and another view of mother nature’s beauty and power.

It’s a shame that I could only get a crappy video of it with my phone, as it’s something I would have loved to have great pictures or videos of to remind me later.