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First 90 Degree Day Of 2024

Yesterday was mild. The high then, in the middle 80s, was the highest of the year so far, but today was going to be warmer. The forecasts have been indicating a high pushing the record for a while now.

The morning began with a nice, mild one, with a temperature in the 50s. It wasn’t too humid or too dry. The sky was perfectly clear at sunrise and once the sun came up, the temperature was off to the races. By mid-morning the temperature was in the 80s and rising.

Early this afternoon, it was in the upper 80s, with a noticeably more humid feel to the air. The dew point wasn’t as high as the summer can be by a long shot, but not being adapted to the heat, it felt pretty hot and humid. Luckily, at that point, plenty of cumulus clouds were in the sky, and it slowed down the temperature some. The increased mixing also brought a nice breeze.

The high peaked in the low nineties early this evening. That was well above the forecast for today. It is hard to imagine that the high was only in the middle 50s just a few days ago. That is the way things go here in the spring with the temperature. It doesn’t take much to pull cold air off the still relatively cold Atlantic Ocean, which is less than two hundred miles from here.

It seems pretty early for our first 90℉ day, at least without looking up previous records. I do know we had to wait until the beginning of June last year to break 90℉, but that was late.