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Smoky Skies

The weather forecast has been for it to be sunny for this week which was a nice change for what typically happens during my girlfriends vacation. The sky has been clear other than the dimmed sun and odd gray color from the smoke layer. I can’t remember a type when we had such noticeable smoke.

Really the only other time I can remember smoke here in Pennsylvania from wild fires was back in the 80s or maybe 90s from large ones in West Virginia/ Virginia. I can’t remember exactly when that was but I do remember it being big news. That smoke was lower than the current stuff from the west coast wildfires. If I would have take a guess I would say back in the 1980s when we had a prolonged drought

A comment I saw on some website has been sticking with me though. It was something about wondering if this was the last thing the dinosaurs saw. It’s just been strange how everything has been a bit dimmer but no color change really other than the milky sky rather than the typical blue. I’ve read that it’s keeping the daytime temperatures three to five degrees cooler than they would have otherwise been.

It’s just been so strange to see the sun dimmed out like it has been. Even in the middle of the day the sun has been shining but it’s been cooler and darker than it should be at the time. I don’t recall ever seeing this in my life being so far from areas that typically have major wildfires.

Dimmed Sun From Wildfire Smoke

Dimmed out sun well above the horizon from the smoke layer at 25-30 thousand feet above the ground.

The year 2020 so it seems wants to continue to bring strangeness to us.