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First Thunder of 2020

We’ve had off and off heavy if not torrential showers all day today but until the past few minutes I haven’t noticed any lightning or heard any thunder. I though I heard a few rumbles when I was getting a shower but I wouldn’t count that because it could have been a car or something.

Western Pennsylvania has had sever thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado warning today but here in Central PA the convection has been more elevated. Western Pa always gets warmer temperatures and earlier storms than us since they’re west of the mountains and here we get some cold air damming still with the cool Atlantic Ocean temperatures.

Here we’re certainly not having one of those awesome thunderstorms with nearly continuous lightning but we’re having maybe once every minute or two flashes of lightning with a few pretty close strikes. The storms brought very heavy rain with a little bit of a breeze switching to a slightly warmer wind from the opposite direction. The storm was nothing to write home about but it’s an upper forties degree day in March.